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Holobalance will participate at the VR/AR Global Summit - Fall 2021 European Edition

  • Start: 2021-29-09
  • End: 2020-01-10

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vr ar global summit 2021

Workshop: New technologies in the balance disorders rehabilitation

  • Start: 2021-09-09
  • End: 2020-09-09

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Holobalance participated on Expert Worksop of CRC Hybrid Societies

  • Start: 2021-06-30
  • End: 2020-07-01

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B(l)ending Realities and Keynote Speaker at IEEE VR 2021

  • Start: 2021-03-31
  • End: 2020-03-31

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Frank Steinicke University of Hamburg

Keynote Speaker at ICAT-EGVE 2020, held online

  • Start: 2021-12-02
  • End: 2020-12-04

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Visions and challenges were shared within PM-15 projects Workshop on Multimodal e-Coaches, ICMI’2020 on October 29, 2020

  • Start: 2020-10-29
  • End: 2020-10-29

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D. Gatsios (UOI) attended the Workshop on Multimodal e-Coaches and then presented HOLOBALANCE in the follow up meeting event

Holobalance project participated in EIPonAHA virtual workshop, entitled “Co-mapping a strategy towards efficient Social Prescription for older adults in Europe”

  • Start: 2020-10-01
  • End: 2020-10-01

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ocober EIPonAha partecipation of Holobalance project.

Holobalance in the virtual German CHI week

  • Start: 2020-05-25
  • End: 2020-05-29

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Holobalance in the virtual German CHI week

Empowering community dwelling older citizens to improve their balance with the novel technologies

  • Start: 2019-09-26
  • End: 2019-09-28

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Coaching Alliance Exhibition Booth at Openlivinglab Days Conference

  • Start: 2019-09-02
  • End: 2019-09-04

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holobalance oold

A round table discussion for “Coaching for wellbeing and improved care”

  • Start: 2019-05-09
  • End: 2019-05-10

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BioIRC at 7th Belgrade Balance Forum spreading information about Holobalance

  • Start: 2019-04-08
  • End: 2019-04-09

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UHAM at the IEEE VR 2019 AVEH Workshop: “Welcoming a Holographic Virtual Coach for Balance Training at Home: Two Focus Groups with Older Adults”

  • Start: 2019-03-23
  • End: 2019-03-23

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Coaching Workshop for Holobalance on the 41st International Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference, to be held in Berlin, Germany from July 23–27, 2019

  • Start: 2019-07-24
  • End: 2019-07-27

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Holobalance, Horizon 2020 on EMBC

Holobalance at the 42nd Annual Midwinter Meeting of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology, in Baltimore, Maryland, USA

  • Start: 2019-02-09
  • End: 2019-02-11

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Holobalance progress in the session entitled “Monitoring and evaluation of therapeutic exercise through sensors”

  • Start: 2019-02-07
  • End: 2019-02-07

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Holobalance progress in the session entitled “Monitoring and evaluation of therapeutic exercise through sensors”

The Holobalance project was presented on the second day of the 19th IAPA Conference 2018 in Egypt

  • Start: 2018-10-18
  • End: 2018-10-21

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Holobalance in Loutraki on the 24th Panhellenic ENT Congress

  • Start: 2018-10-12
  • End: 2018-10-14

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best e-poster holobalance

UOI presents HOLOBALANCE concept in the 5th Patras Innovation Quest

  • Start: 2018-04-27
  • End: 2018-04-29

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Holobalance presented on Patras IQ 2018