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The Holobalance Dashboard Module

0 Holobalance Dashbord module

The Dashboard Module is the main User Interface for the healthcare professionals in the Holobalance project. The healthcare professionals, in this case, are the physiotherapist that is directly involved in the treatment of patients with balance disorders.   These professionals use the Dashboard Module as their single point of entry in the Holobalance platform. After […]

The Cognitive Training Game

0 the-cognitive-training-game---holobalance

An active lifestyle has been identified as a protective factor against cognitive decline[1], where active individuals reduce the risk of cognitive impaired of 38% to 50% in comparison to sedentary individuals[2]. Combination of physical and cognitive training may lead to larger improvements in cognitive and physical outcomes compared to physical or cognitive training alone, and […]

Auditory Training Tool

0 Auditory-Training-Tool---holobalance

Auditory Training Tool aims to assist human users in improving their perception of speech in noise and auditory memory. To accomplish that, it replicates real-life conditions in which a subject has to perform a complex task (e.g., read a book in a noisy cafeteria). The design of ATT is guided by the clinical experts and […]

The Balance physiotherapist hologram

0 The-Balance-physiotherapist-hologram---holobalance

Balance Physiotherapist Hologram (BPH) is a unique solution capable to interact with a patient in a home environment. Patients are capable to receive personalized exercise instructions as well as feedback through virtual coach using specifically designed sensor infrastructure attached to the patient. BPH depends on the processing unit (EDGE) capable to run real-time evaluations on […]

UHAM at the IEEE VR 2019 AVEH Workshop: “Welcoming a Holographic Virtual Coach for Balance Training at Home: Two Focus Groups with Older Adults”


More than 30 participants attended the first workshop on applied VR for enhanced healthcare (AVEH). The workshop was organized by UHAM and was held in Osaka, Japan. After a keynote by Wendy Powell, different projects funded by the German Ministry of Research and Education were introduced. In four difference sessions, current research topics such as […]