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UHAM at the IEEE VR 2019 AVEH Workshop: “Welcoming a Holographic Virtual Coach for Balance Training at Home: Two Focus Groups with Older Adults”


More than 30 participants attended the first workshop on applied VR for enhanced healthcare (AVEH). The workshop was organized by UHAM and was held in Osaka, Japan. After a keynote by Wendy Powell, different projects funded by the German Ministry of Research and Education were introduced. In four difference sessions, current research topics such as […]



Holobalance introduces a new user experience: the patient who is in need of vestibular rehabilitation can do it at home with the guidance of a balance physiotherapy hologram!!! But why a hologram? Simply because humans see the world in 3D and the currently dominant interaction with computers and smartphones is too 2D and pretty non-natural. […]

Older Londoners attend Holobalance focus group


Age UK London is delighted to be a partner in Holobalance – an EU-funded transnational programme taking place over a three year period (Dec 2017 – Nov 2020). The overall objective of Holobalance is to develop and validate a new personalized programme that will help older people at risk of falling by using a hologram […]

Balance Physiotherapy Hologram, Mockup No.01


The first mockup of the balance physiotherapy hologram module was developed by UHAM using Meta 2, Kinect 2 and a gaming laptop as the main Hardware components. Unity3D game engine and C# programming language were also used for development of the software. In this mockup, a holographic virtual coach provides the instructions, demonstrates the correct […]