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Positive feedback from the workshop in Greece

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The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens organised the workshop with the clinicians and the stakeholders in Greece on Saturday, November 14th. It was a very successful workshop, and we collected the answers from seventeen participants by administrating them an online questionnaire. More than 35 participants joined, with various backgrounds: ENT, physiotherapists, companies and public […]

Focus group with older adults in Hamburg

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The Focus group, where seven older adults tested Holobalance solution, was held on 17th of November 2020. One of them was Mr Frank Schubert, the chairman of the Hospital zum Heiligen Geist (HzHG) https://www.hzhg.de/kontakt-anfahrt/ansprechpartner/vorstand.html Hospital zum Heiligen Geist is one of the oldest (since 1227) and largest providers for all phases of life in old age in […]

Holobalance project participated in EIPonAHA virtual workshop, entitled “Co-mapping a strategy towards efficient Social Prescription for older adults in Europe”


On October 1st, 2020 the Long Lasting Memories Care Ecosystem, a unique Transnational Reference Site (Greece, Cyprus) of EIPonAHA held a virtual workshop, entitled “Co-mapping a strategy towards efficient Social Prescription for older adults in Europe”, with the participation of more than 60 attendees experts in the fields of Active and Healthy Ageing, co-creation and […]

Visions and challenges were shared within PM-15 projects Workshop on Multimodal e-Coaches, ICMI’2020 on October 29, 2020


On Thursday, October 29, the Workshop on Multimodal e-Coaches was organized as part of the ICMI’2020. The workshop consisted of: A Keynote Speech by Oresti Baños (University of Granada) “Measuring human behaviour to inform e-coaching actions” The first presentations session which included: – Andoni Beristain (VicomTech) – Virtual coaching for older adults at home using SMART goal […]

The Holobalance Dashboard Module

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The Dashboard Module is the main User Interface for the healthcare professionals in the Holobalance project. The healthcare professionals, in this case, are the physiotherapist that is directly involved in the treatment of patients with balance disorders.   These professionals use the Dashboard Module as their single point of entry in the Holobalance platform. After […]

The Cognitive Training Game

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An active lifestyle has been identified as a protective factor against cognitive decline[1], where active individuals reduce the risk of cognitive impaired of 38% to 50% in comparison to sedentary individuals[2]. Combination of physical and cognitive training may lead to larger improvements in cognitive and physical outcomes compared to physical or cognitive training alone, and […]