B(l)ending Realities and Keynote Speaker at IEEE VR 2021

Frank Steinicke University of Hamburg

  • Start: 2021-03-31 8:00 AM
  • End: 2021-03-31 6:00 PM


The fusion of mixed reality (MR) and artificial intelligence (AI) will revolutionize human-computer interaction. MR/AI technologies and methods will enable scenarios with seamless transitions, interactions and transformations between real and virtual objects along the reality-virtuality continuum indistinguishable from corresponding real-world interactions. Yet, todays immersive technology is still decades away from the ultimate display. However, imperfections of the human perceptual, cognitive and motor system can be exploited to bend reality in such a way that compelling immersive experiences can be achieved. In this talk, we will review some mixed reality illusions, which bring us closer to the ultimate blended reality.

Watch the recorded video stream: HERE