Visions and challenges were shared within PM-15 projects Workshop on Multimodal e-Coaches, ICMI’2020 on October 29, 2020

D. Gatsios (UOI) attended the Workshop on Multimodal e-Coaches and then presented HOLOBALANCE in the follow up meeting event

  • Start: 2020-10-29 8:00 AM
  • End: 2020-10-29 6:00 PM

The workshop consisted of:

A Keynote Speech by Oresti Baños (University of Granada) “Measuring human behaviour to inform e-coaching actions”

The first presentations session which included:

– Andoni Beristain (VicomTech) – Virtual coaching for older adults at home using SMART goal supported behaviour change

– Irina Paraschivoiu (University of Salzburg) Coaching Older Adults: Persuasive and Multimodal Approaches to Coaching for Daily Living

– Johannes Kropf (Austrian Institute of Technology) – Transforming rehabilitation to virtually supported care – The vCare project

– Mohamed Ehab (October University for Modern Sciences and Arts) – iSwimCoach: A smart coach guiding system for assisting swimmers freestyle strokes

The Second Presentations Session which included:

– Mira El Kamali (HES-SO) – Multimodal Conversational Agent for Older Adults’ Behavioral Change

– Zoraida Callejas (University of Granada) – Measuring and fostering engagement with mental health e-coaches

– Jacky Casas (HES-SO) – Trends & Methods in Chatbot Evaluation

A discussion on findings presented as well as on future research directions for multimodal coaching systems.

After the workshop, the PM-15 consortia discussed in a separate meeting the advancement of the respective H2020 projects with an emphasis on issues and problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

D. Gatsios (UOI) attended the Workshop on Multimodal e-Coaches and then presented HOLOBALANCE in the follow-up meeting event.